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We're in the business of 'Bringing Nature to you'

Here at Wilder Skies, our aim isn't just to show you the best wildlife the South-West has to offer, but to help you engage with it on a deeper level, leaving you with a stronger passion for the Biodiversity we share this land with... A 'Wilder' connection you might say...

We offer 3 main prospective ways for you to connect with nature:

This is our feature service. Ideal for Individuals, smaller groups, a holiday experience, or even a gift, this option is a special, intimate chance to see exactly where you would like to see wildlife, what you would like to see and when!...

  • Our 'Biodiversity Events' - Run a company, Chair a Society, Help with a Charity, or just are part of a group, and want to book an event or tour for a guided walk or wildlife session, then this may be the option for you!...

  • 'Nature Workshops & Educational Outreach' - Similar to the above features, these can be tailor-made to the customer and may suit anyone from community groups to university societies... We offer everything from hands on workshops, learning about specific ID work to 'Beginner's Birdwatching' sessions, honing those key starter skills...

       (Training is informal but educational and thorough)

** All events within Somerset, Avon and Gloucestershire...



Avoiding disturbance of species, whether that be scaring birds, trampling wildflowers or getting too close to sensitive species, is of utmost importance. Nature's welfare comes first.


As well as showcasing amazing wildlife, education of the conservation of the habitats present at each location is paramount. Our wild landscapes across the UK are in trouble and fragmented, and the more people who know of their plight as well as how to help them, the better.


We don't want you to just return home with smiles, memories and photographs, but we also want you to have a revived buzz and attitude towards our native species and what we can to protect them. It is of high importance that you leave with a 'wilder' outlook towards the value of our biodiversity, taking with you into your homes, workplace and friends and family.

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