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Cancellation and Refunds can be given up to 48 hours before an event or tour (cancellation after this cannot result in a refund)

Innapropriate weather for an event may result in cancellation of an event. This may be postponed or in the event of a full cancellation refunds will be available.


'Wilder Skies' carries business liability insurance and undertakes Risk Assessments for each activity. Safety is priority though and first aid and pre-event safety checks are thorough.

Responsibilty and behaviour for each customer comes down to the customer themselves.

A disclaimer form will be signed by each customer before a tour or event.



Risk Assessments will be created for each activity 'Wilder Skies' may undertake.

These will take into account any potential risks or hazards to all parties.

Your leader is a trained First Aider.


Unless visiting a site with a WC or one nearby, there will not be toilets available.

Food and Drink is not provided for the events, customers must bring their own supplies. Extra water may be provided in hot conditions.


Those signed onto an event or tour must find their own way to the site. This applies to all 'Create Your Own', 'Biodiversity Events' and 'Nature Workshops'


Unfortunately Wildlife cannot be guaranteed, but your tour guide will do their best to showcase amazing species on the day.

Refunds cannot be given for 'no show wildlife' but a free 'Do-over session' can be provided in such circumstances.


Booking onto a 'day session' lasts approximately 8 hours unless specified otherwise.


Dogs are not permitted on events unless specified otherwise - e.g. 'Dog friendly wildlife event' / Granted permission prior to event.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a carer.


Weather and the running of tours and events is dependent on severity of weather. Heavy rain and Tours may be postponed or Cancelled.

'Light rain' for (bird) walks may go ahead as scheduled.

'Light rain' for (invertebrate) walks may be rescheduled.

Dangerous weather conditions and the correct precautions will take place.


Illness contracted and hygienic routine during sessions comes down to the responsibility of participants.

Those fallen ill the morning of a tour should stay home and seek a rescheduled tour.

Distance will be kept as much as is possible to maintain Covid-19 safety.

Danger due to Ticks, Mosquitos, Horseflies will minimised as much as possible. Some habitats entered may be particularly prevelent for Ticks during Summertime months, and special measures may be taken to avoid certain contact.

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All photographs on copyright Nick Patel 2023.

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